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Support Division

The Support Division contains the majority of the civilian employees of the Raytown Police Department. Below are the different facets of the Support Division. Click a placard to discover more. 


Within this cryptic world of maps, beeps, rings, and voices lay the first responders of the Raytown Police Department. These dedicated personnel staff the radios and telephones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing citizens the conduit to request assistance from Raytown Emergency Services. 

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for hiring quality personnel, investigating complaints against Department employees and maintaining training records and standards to ensure the officers receive the proper training.

The Records Unit is primarily responsible for receiving, processing and retaining a wide variety of police reports and records, in accordance with applicable laws.   

The Detention Unit is a short term holding facility with 12 beds. Inmates are held only long enough for them to post bond, or in the case of 24-hour investigative holds, until the investigator assigned to their case completes the investigation.

The Property and Supply Unit is responsible for both recovered property and evidence processing and retention, and supplies for the Police Department and the City of Raytown. The Property and Supply Unit is currently staffed by a Property/Supply Technician.

The Raytown Chief of Police is the Director of Emergency Preparedness for the City of Raytown, and Support Division Captain is the Coordinator.  The Support Division Captain coordinates the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and assists with other Emergency Preparedness and Management duties as needed. 

The mission of the Raytown Police Department’s Community Services Unit is to utilize both volunteer and paid, part-time employees to complete projects and tasks within the Raytown Police Department to create an atmosphere of safety, cooperation, and community, with the citizens of Raytown.

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