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Raytown Police Special Units 


At the Raytown Police Department we wear many hats. Aside from our regular duties we also have many opportunities to be a part of special units that both strengthen and diverisfy our police department. Click a placard to discover more.

The Raytown Police SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Team) consists of a group of Police Officers who receive additional training and are willing to maintain on-call status 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

The Raytown Police Department Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) is a volunteer program currently consisting of a 4 member team and a team commander. The team’s primary responsibility is providing negotiations for hostage or barricade situations. 

The mission of the Public Information Unit (PIU) is to provide a cooperative climate in which the public may obtain information on matters of public interest in a way that does not hamper police operations or harm individual personal rights.  The Department is committed to informing the community of news, incidents, and events within the public domain.  

The mission of the Raytown Police Department’s Color Guard Unit will be to represent the Raytown Police Department during special events, funerals, and any other assigned detail in a manner as to raise the level of pride within the department and the community.  

The mission of the Awards & Uniforms Standardization Unit (AUSU) is to ensure the Raytown Police Department and its employees maintains a professional appearance.  They will recognize exemplary performance, organize social activities and create an environment that fosters high morale.  

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