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If the crime you are reporting is occurring now or you have an emergency, call 911 immediately. This page is not monitored 24/7.

Welcome to the Raytown Police Department online crime reporting portal. This portal is offered as a service to our citizens and its use is completely voluntary.
The use of this portal is limited to crimes that occurred within the city limits of Raytown, MO. You may report only those crimes listed below. Please read the definitions of each crime to determine if you should use the Online Police Reporting system.

What crimes can be reported?

  • Forgery - making or altering a document (typically a check) with the intent to defraud or a falsified signature.
  • Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card - someone uses a credit or debit card without the consent of the owner.
  • Harassment - by phone call, text, email, letter, etc. For example, repetitive obscene calls or texts or calls that are threatening in nature.
  • Identity Theft - a person obtains items or services while representing themselves as someone else.
  • Property Damage/Graffiti- damaging the property of another person. This includes graffiti, egging or keying  a car, throwing rocks through windows, knocking over mailboxes, etc. or anything else that causes permanent damage. 
  • Stealing- someone took your property without your permission. Note that this includes theft of services such as a gas drive off or a "dine 'n dash."
    • If your stealing report involves the theft of a firearm and/or materials that threaten public safety (for example explosives or highly toxic substances), you CANNOT use the online reporting system. Please contact Dispatch at 816-737-6020. ​
    • Property that was stolen as the result of an unknown person forcing entry or otherwise unlawfully entering a home, business, or other building is a burglary and CANNOT be reported via the online reporting system. Please contact Dispatch at 816-737-6020. ​
    • Lost property is not stolen property. We do not take lost property reports.
    • Stolen license plates CAN be reported online, however stolen license plate tabs cannot. We must see the registration paperwork in person for the tab. Please contact Dispatch at 816-737-6020. ​
  • Additional Information for an Existing Report - If you have previously made a police report (either through this portal or with an officer face to face) and you have additional information to add, you can ​use this portal to submit that information. You MUST have your original case number. If you have additional stolen property to add, please download and fill out the Amended Loss form and bring it up to the station or mail to the address at the bottom of the form. 
For all crime types, the following criteria must apply:
  1. The incident must NOT be an emergency. 
  2. The incident must NOT be occurring right now.
  3. There were NO injuries caused during the incident.
  4. The incident has NO known suspects. "Known" means you know the person's name or where to find them, or have a license plate from the suspect vehicle. 
  5. There is NO physical evidence to be collected. If you have relevant photos or video, you can upload them through this system.
  6. The incident must have occurred within the city limits of Raytown. Any incident that occurs outside the city limits must be reported to that jurisdiction. (If you are unsure about the city limits of Raytown, please see this page).
  7. The information you are providing must be truthful and accurate.
  8. You must have a valid email address to submit an online report.
If your report does not meet the criteria listed above, please contact Dispatch at 816-737-6020. 

Who can file a report?

​You may use the online reporting system if you:
  • Are the owner or manager of the property that was damaged, vandalized, or stolen.
  • Are the owner of the bank account or credit card which was used or accessed fraudulently.
  • OR are the parent or guardian of a dependent or minor child who meets the criteria above.

How to file a report?

To use the online reporting system:
  1. Be sure you have read through the definitions and criteria above.
  2. Click on the "start here" button below. The system will walk you through the information we need to collect.
  3. All reports will be reviewed by a member of our Records Unit and we will respond via email within 2-3 business days to provide a case number. Any reports that do not meet the criteria above will be rejected. 
Do NOT file a report in two places. If you file an online report, do not make a report in person with an officer. Do NOT submit your report twice via this portal just because you haven't gotten a response from the Records Unit yet. Depending on the type of information provided there may a determination made to continue the investigation into the incident. A detective will not contact you unless additional information is needed.
Be advised that filing a false police report is illegal and may result in criminal charges.
It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.
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