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For more details, or if interested in joining CERT, contact Captain Rodgers at 816-737-6103 or
View the CERT flyer by clicking here.

Emergency Preparedness


The Raytown Chief of Police is the Director of Emergency Preparedness for the City of Raytown, and the Administration Bureau Commander is the Coordinator. The Administrative Services Division Captain coordinates the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and assists with other Emergency Preparedness and Management duties as needed. These duties are in addition to their regular duties with the Police Department.


All members have been trained in all aspects of Emergency Management; from the organizational details found in the National Incident Management System (NIMS), through the Principals of Emergency Management as outlined by FEMA. Members have attended numerous courses designed to provide training in all four areas of Emergency Management; Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Prevention/Mitigation.


Most of the duties associated with this program revolve around the weather and its impact on the City and the Region.  Monitoring the weather and assessing its effects are daily duties. If impacts are gauged to be severe enough, the City is advised on what preparedness efforts need to be put into place, and coordination between the various departments of the City is coordinated.

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