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Property Release Procedure


Property that was collected as part of an investigation or because ownership couldn't be determined is maintained by our Property and Evidence Technician. In order to get your items returned, you must call 816-737-6120 to speak to the Technician and make an appointment. 


Be prepared to provide the case number (if you have it) and the date of the offense. Please note that property can only be released when the investigation has reached a stage where the evidence/property is no longer needed. Therefore, the release procedure is not quick. Additionally, the release of firearms requires an extra 1-3 weeks because of background checks. We cannot release property to someone other than the owner without a notarized statement. Exceptions to this include when the owner is a juvenile or deceased. 

Property & Supply


The Property and Supply Unit, which falls within the Administrative Services Division, is responsible for both, recovered property and evidence processing and retention, and supplies for the Police Department and the City of Raytown.  The Property and Supply Unit is currently staffed by a Property/Supply Technician.


The Property and Supply Unit is responsible for the safety and integrity of the property that is recovered daily by the Raytown Police Department officers and detectives.  Each piece of property that comes into the Unit must be checked in, entered into the computer system, packaged into the correct storage container, put away in its correct location, and then maintained while still needed for the case.  The Property and Supply Unit maintains the “chain of custody” of recovered property. 


The Property and Supply Unit also provides a centralized system for the purchasing and distribution of supplies (office, equipment, uniforms, etc.,) for the Police Department in order to take advantage of collective purchasing power.  

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