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Raytown Detention


The Raytown Detention Unit is a short term holding facility with 12 beds in five cells. The unit is staffed by one full time Detention Technicians and one Supervisor; it is not manned 24/7. Inmates are held only long enough for them to post bond or, in the case of 24-hour investigative holds, until the investigator assigned to their case completes the investigation. Inmates who are unable to post their bond are transferred to our contracted holding facility, the Johnson County Missouri Jail.


The unit’s primary assignment is the processing and security of inmates arrested by members of the Raytown Police Department. This includes:

  • Accurately identifying and recording pertinent information regarding the person arrested.

  • Distributing the arrest information to the proper court jurisdictions.

  • Obtaining and distributing accurate biometric data including fingerprints, photographs and DNA.

  • Inventorying and taking custody of all property arriving with the arrest.

  • Taking bonds, making sure the bonds are credited properly, and ensuring all requirements are met before releasing the inmate.


Ancillary duties include:


  • Acting as the first contact for citizens coming to the Raytown Police Department Headquarters.

  • Taking criminal incident reports from citizens reporting crimes at Headquarters.

  • Investigation minor traffic crashes reported at Headquarters.

  • Entering Raytown Municipal Court data for Traffic Citations and General Ordinance Summons.

  • Compiling and submitting the annual Racial Profiling report to the Missouri Attorney General’s office.

  • The Fingerprint ID Unit.

  • Fingerprinting services for Raytown Residents needing fingerprints for various licensing agencies or employers.

Individuals can be bonded out at the Raytown Police Department by paying the bond in cash or through a bondsmen. The Raytown Police jail does not accept debit or credit cards, however some bondsmen might. For cash bonds, you must have exact change. We do not have an ATM onsite. A list of approved bonding companies is posted in the lobby.


The phone number for detention is 816-737-6124. 


Please note we are a completely separate agency from Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and cannot access their records. For subjects who are in KCPD custody, please call their jail at 816-234-5180. 

Off-Site Holding


Individuals are initially held at the Raytown Police Department jail within the PD, but subjects who are unable to bond out are transported to our holding facility at the Johnson County (MO) Sherrif's Office. 


Prisoners are transported back and forth twice a day at varying times. We do not know exactly when the transport van will come nor will we release that information due to safety concerns. You can bond someone out even after they have been transported to Johnson County.


The Johnson County (MO) Sheriff's Office is located at 278 SW 871 Rd, Centerview, Missouri 64019. Their phone number is 660-747-2916. You can view their current roster of inmates plus anyone released in the last 48 hours on their website

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