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Raytown Records Unit


The Records Unit, which falls within the Administrative Services Division, is primarily responsible for receiving, processing and retaining a wide variety of police reports and records, in accordance with applicable laws.   The Records Unit receives and processes requests for police records.  Those records include written, electronic, and digital media.


The Records Unit is staffed by a Supervisor and a Records Clerk.

To obtain a copy of a report:


Police reports can be requested through the Records Department. Requests can be made by calling 816-737-6016 or 816-737-6024, or by mail. If you have a report referral form, please utilize that when mailing. If not, you will need to include the report number (if you know it) and as much information as possible about the incident (date/time, location, etc.) You can also come in person to the Raytown Police Department, located at 10000 E 59th St. Raytown, Missouri 64133.


See the fee schedule below for details. Payments may only be made via cash, check, or money order at this time. Please contact the Records Department if you have questions. Valid Photo ID is required for all transactions.

Fee Schedule


  • Incident report (up to 10 pages): $5.00

  • Accident report (up to 10 pages): $5.00

  • Over 10 pages: $.10 per page

  • Alcohol Influence Report (up to 10 pages): $5.00

  • Research Fee(s): As Appropriate

    • For incidents that are not immediately identifiable by report number, date, time, or parties involved.

  • Photographs (per disc): $10.00

    • Provided in CD format only

  • Video (per disc): $20.00

    • Provided in DVD format only

  • Audio (per disc): $10.00

    • Provided in CD format only


Large case files will have additional costs involved and will be assessed on an individual basis. A Records Request form must be completed.


Fees are assessed in accordance with the Open Records Laws of the State of Missouri. RsMO 610.026.


Fees effective as of April 9th, 2013.

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