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Below are answers to common questions. If the question you have is not listed below, contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page and submitting your question. 

How do I file a report? back to top


There are two ways you can go about filing a report. You can call the non-emergency phone number at 816-737-6020 and request an officer to be dispatched to your residence or location. Please note that the crime must have occurred at an address within the Raytown city limits. The city limits of Raytown and the district boundaries for the Raytown School District are not the same. Click here to view a map the city limits as well as the boundary for the Raytown school district. 


You can also come to the Raytown Police Department, located at 10000 E 59th St. Raytown, Missouri 64133.


How do I bail someone out? back to top


Individuals can be bonded out at the Raytown Police Department by paying the bond in cash or through a bondsmen. The Raytown Police jail does not accept debit or credit cards, however some bondsmen might. For cash bonds, you must have exact change. We do not have an ATM in the lobby. A list of approved bonding companies is posted in the lobby.


The phone number for detention is 816-737-6124


Please note we are a completely separate agency from Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and cannot access their records. For subjects who are in KCPD custody, please call their jail at 816-234-5180. 


How do I pay a ticket? back to top


Citations can be paid by mailing in the fine listed on the citation, or you can pay the ticket at the Raytown Courthouse on or before the court date listed on the citation. If the citation indicates mandatory court then you must appear in person on the court date. You can also call the courthouse at, 816-737-6008, if you have any further questions.


How do I find out my court date? back to top


Please contact the Raytown Municipal Court at 816-737-6008.


How do I find out about crime in my neighborhood? back to top


We have a free crime map available at All incident reports in Raytown are uploaded to the map daily and citizens can sign up for free email alerts in order to be notified whenever a crime is reported within the area that they designate. This map covers all Raytown addresses. For more info on the map, please see our Crime Analysis page.


For crime information for Kansas City addresses, please visit


Where are prisoners held? back to top


Individuals are initially held at the Raytown Police Department jail within the PD, but subjects who are unable to bond out are transported to our holding facility at the Johnson County (MO) Sherrif's Office. 


Prisoners are transported back and forth twice a day at varying times. We do not know exactly when the transport van will come nor will we release that information due to safety concerns. You can bond someone out even after they have been transported to Johnson County.


The Johnson County (MO) Sheriff's Office is located at 278 SW 871 Rd, Centerview, Missouri 64019. Their phone number is 660-747-2916. You can view their current roster of inmates plus anyone released in the last 48 hours on their website


How do I apply for a job? back to top


The Raytown Police Department offers excellent pay and benefits, as well as supplying all your police required equipment (including weapons) and excellent training. Starting pay for Missouri Class A candidates is $40,585 (Academy recruits start at 10% less). For starting salary info for other positions and the list of benefits, please see the Professional Standards Unit page. 


Hiring is conducted by the Professional Standards Unit. The first step is to complete an Application Form and Employment Questionnaire and then return them to the front desk located within the department lobby. These two documents must be submitted together or else we will not accept them.


Then, the rest of the applicant screening process consists of the following steps:

  • Written examination

  • Physical agility test (for sworn personnel only)

  • Practical examination (for civilian personnel only)

  • C.V.S.A. examination

  • Oral board interview

  • Conditional offer

  • Medical examination

  • Psychological examination


In addition to Police Officer there are several civilian positions within the Department in the Communication, Detention and Records units. 


How do I complain about speeders or other traffic issues? back to top


The Raytown Police Traffic Unit has a traffic complaint system to gather traffic complaints from citizens via phone. The complaints are then tracked to see that they get attention. The complaints are usually about speeding motorists or other traffic problems that a citizen may see. The number to call on an ongoing problem is 816-737-6106. If the problem needs reporting immediately, call the police dispatcher at 816-737-6020


You can also click here to fill out a complaint on the Raytown Police Traffic Unit web page.


How do I get fingerprinted? back to top


Raytown residents who need to be fingerprinted for a job or other activity may come to the police department lobby for this service. You must show ID and provide your own cards. The fee is $5 per card. You must be a Raytown resident. 


Cards are usually provided by your employer or can be downloaded from the FBI website here


How do I get a copy of a police report? back to top


Police reports can be requested through the Records Department. Requests can be made by calling 816-737-6016 or 816-737-6024, or by mail. If you have a report referral form, please utilize that when mailing. If not, you will need to include the report number (if you know it) and as much information as possible about the incident (date/time, location, etc.) You can also come in person to the Raytown Police Department, located at 10000 E 59th St. Raytown, Missouri 64133.


The fee for a basic report (up to 10 pages) is $5, however, requests that require research or Audio/Video will incur additional costs. For a full list of fees, please visit the Records Department page. Payments may only be made via cash, check, or money order at this time. Please contact the Records Department if you have questions.


How do I file a complaint? back to top


The Raytown Police Department will thoroughly investigate all complaints against Department personnel, regardless of the source. Complaints can be made in several ways:

  • In person by the citizen, directly to a police department supervisor

  • By telephone or correspondance

  • Through a third person

  • By referral from some official or unofficial agency

  • In accordance with the Personnel Code, Chapter 14, Sec. 14-131 of the code of municipal ordinances.


Click here to download our complaint form.


How do I walk-in an accident? back to top


Individuals who have been in a traffic accident within the city limits of Raytown may walk in the report to the police department lobby. ALL drivers and ALL vehicles invovled in the accident must be present to make the report. 


How can I go on a ride along? back to top


The Police Department Ride-Along Program is one of the public programs offered by the Raytown Police Department.  This program enables the general public to observe first hand what officers encounter during a normal tour of duty. 


To qualify for the program, the ride-along applicant must be at least 18 years of age or have the written approval of their legal guardian if 14 to 17 years of age.  No one under 14 years of age will be allowed to participate in the program.  The applicant must complete a Ride-Along Application and must sign an Indemnification and Release Agreement at least two weeks before the scheduled ride-along.  A records check will be completed on the applicant.  A record of criminal arrests or convictions will disqualify the applicant from participating in the program. 


Once the application has been processed, the applicant will be scheduled by the Patrol Commander for the ride-along.  During the ride-along, the applicant must wear acceptable business or casual attire.  Applicants may ride part of a shift or the entire shift with the approval of the on-duty Watch Commander.  The applicant will be limited to two (2) ride-alongs per year.  The ride-along may be terminated at any time if the applicant does not follow instructions given by the officer or interferes with police activities. 


The Police Department encourages its citizens to participate in this program to enable them to get a better feel for the services provided to the community.


If you qualify and would like to participate in the ride-along program, you may download the ride-along application here. Complete the form and turn it in to the Raytown Police Department two weeks before the scheduled ride-along.


How do I get my property  back? back to top


Property that was collected as part of an investigation or because ownership couldn't be determined is maintained by our Property and Evidence Technician. In order to get your items returned, you must call 816-737-6120 to speak to the Technician and make an appointment. 


Be prepared to provide the case number (if you have it) and the date of the offense. Please note that property can only be released when the investigation as reached a stage where the evidence/property is no longer needed. Therefore, the release procedure is not quick. Additionally, the release of firearms requires an extra 1-3 weeks because of background checks. We cannot release property to someone other than the owner without a notarized statement. Exceptions to this include when the owner is a juvenile or deceased. 


How do I get property released from someone who is in custody? back to top


In order for us to release property belonging to inmate, we must have permission from the inmate to release their property to a specific person. Thate must show valid ID at the front desk. Inmates who are being held on a 24-hr hold cannot release their property until the hold is released.


Please note that once an inmate has been transferred to Johnson County, we no longer have their property, so you'll need to contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office at 660-747-2916. 


How do I obtain an ex-parte or order of protection? back to top


Ex parte orders or orders of protection are not filed at the city level and must be obtained through Jackson County. Please see this document for more details. 


How do I report a drug house? back to top


Please call the Special Investigations Unit at 816-737-6195 with as much detail as you can provide. You may remain anonymous.


How do I get a background check? back to top


We do not provide background checks. You may request one through the Missouri Highway Patrol in person, by mail, or via their website


How do I report an abandoned vehicle/expired tags? back to top


Please call the police dispatcher at 816-737-6020 with a specific location and description of the vehicle. 


How do I dispose of unwanted/expired medications? back to top


We have a dropbox for unwanted or expired medications and drugs in the front lobby. Anyone may dispose of any drugs (no inhalers or sharps) with no questions asked. The lobby is open 24/7/365 and the dropbox is gray metal and looks like a postbox, right next to the door. The access door is at the top and flips down. 


How do I request a house or vacation watch? back to top


Please visit the front desk in the lobby or call 816-737-6124. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name, address for the watch, and phone number

  • The dates you'll be gone

  • Who (name & phone #) is allowed to be on the property or will be checking on the house while you're gone

  • What cars (color/make/model) officers can expect to see at the house

  • Who to notifiy in case of an emergency

A detention technician will take down your information and pass it along to patrol officers so they can conduct an extra watch at the address. 


How do I request a speaker/presentation/tour of the station? back to top


Please call the Community Services Coordinator at 816-737-6018 to arrange a speaker or a tour. You can also click here and fill out the online form with your request and/or questions. 

How do I get a vehicle removed from... back to top

If the vehicle is on the street contact the Communications Center and an officer will check on the vehicle. If it has a current registration and is legally parked on the street the Police Department cannot have it removed.


If the vehicle is parked in a yard the Raytown Community Development Department would enforce this violation. You can contact them at 816-737-6014


If the vehicle is on Private Property the owner of the property is responsible for the removal of the vehicle. 

How do I make an animal complaint? back to top

Animal Control is on duty Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. They will respond to calls for Running at Large, Removal of Deceased Animals (street or right-of-way), Trapping, Stray release, Cruelty Investigation, Check the Welfare, Excessive Noise, Tethering Unattended and Pet Licensing. The will respond after hours for Animal Bites, Sick or Aggressive animals or Aggressive Domestic Animals. For more information contact them at 816-737-6014. 

How do I get an alarm permit? back to top

The City of Raytown does not require alarm permits at this time.


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