Crime Analysis


The Raytown Police Department has employed a full time civilian crime analyst since mid-2010. The crime analyst is part of the Investigations Division, but provides support to all administrative and operational units within the department.


The main goal of crime analysis is to help the department become more effective through better information. The analyst’s duties include analyzing and summarizing data, disseminating crime and intelligence data, and identifying crime series and patterns. This can help other police units solve crimes, find and apprehend offenders, detect and solve community problems, educate the public, optimize internal operations and plan for future resource needs. Another integral job of the analyst is to share crime information with surrounding agencies. Criminals don’t stop at the city limits, and with so many separate police departments and sheriff’s offices in the greater Kansas City metro area, cooperation between jurisdictions is incredibly important. 


Our crime analyst is a member of both the Mid-America Regional Crime Analysis Network and the International Association of Crime Analysts.


The crime analyst is also responsible for maintaining departmental statistical information. This information is used to measure the effectiveness of policing efforts as well as allocate resources. The crime analyst is also responsible for maintaining our public crime map, which is available at The department partnered with Bair Analytics, Inc. in 2010 to bring this public service to all Raytown residents. Bair was then bought out by LexisNexis, who changed the name from RAIDS Online to Community Crime Map. The map, which is a completely free service provided by LexisNexis, is updated daily with new incident reports. Citizens can set up free email alerts for any address in Raytown to be automatically notified of any crimes reported within a set distance of that address. This is a great way for residents to keep up to date with what’s going on in their neighborhood. 

Interactive crime map below

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For a detailed tutorial on using the map and it's features, please visit the Community Crime Map Online Help page, located here

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