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Color Guard


The mission of the Raytown Police Department’s Color Guard Unit is to represent the Raytown Police Department during special events, funerals, and any other assigned detail in a manner as to raise the level of pride within the department and the community. The Color Guard Unit represents the Raytown Police Department in a professional manner as to bring distinction to the department. The Color Guard Unit members are well versed in the areas of drill and ceremony to assure that they will be ready to perform any detail on short notice.


The Color Guard Unit is responsible for representing the Raytown Police Department during special formal events. The Color Guard Unit is an expression of pride, patriotism, respect, loyalty and dedication. These events could include ceremonies with flag presentations, parades, civil ceremonies, funerals, and any other approved event.  


The Color Guard Unit is comprised of nine officers who volunteer for the position. Most of the volunteers have military experience where they received extensive training in performing marching drills and ceremony protocol. Each member is required to have a high level of self-discipline. One member of the Color Guard Unit is a musician and is used during events that require that specific expertise. 


The Color Guard Unit members dress in distinctive uniforms. The uniforms set the Color Guard apart and give the members a very distinguishing appearance.


The Color Guard Unit members are required to train in preparation for all special events. The training is conducted in such a manner to simulate the actual upcoming special event.

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