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Public Information Unit


The mission of the Public Information Unit (PIU) is to provide a cooperative climate in which the public may obtain information on matters of public interest in a way that does not hamper police operations or harm individual personal rights. The Department is committed to informing the community of news, incidents, and events within the public domain. 


The PIU’s responsibilities include writing press releases, giving interviews, managing and executing press conferences, managing news media/press personnel at crime/incident scenes, and managing the Department’s social media sites, all to enhance communication between the Police Department and the public.


The PIU is a volunteer based Unit that is made up of personnel from many Divisions and assignments.  Public Information Officers (PIO’s) rotate being “on-call,” so that there is a PIO available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. PIO’s must complete a basic Public Information Officer course and participate in many in-house training days each year.  


All Media inquiries should be directed to the Duty Public Information Officer at 816-286-4893.

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