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Awards & Uniforms Standardization Unit


The mission of the Awards & Uniforms Standardization Unit (AUSU) is to ensure the Raytown Police Department and its employees maintains a professional appearance. They will recognize exemplary performance, organize social activities and create an environment that fosters high morale. 


The AUSU is a volunteer based Unit that has several areas of concern: Uniforms, Awards and Policies, Awards Ceremony, Social and Building Improvement.  Members are responsible for bringing uniform ideas, questions and concerns to the Unit, from their individual divisions within the Police Department, and to discuss any positive changes that could be made. For Awards and Policies, members of the unit work with the Professional Standards Unit to make sure all of the awards policies are correct and to ensure that only eligible individuals receive awards. The entire Unit helps organize and host the Department's Annual Awards Ceremony. Lastly, unit members identify ideas and organize events to increase morale about the department as well as improve the working environment of the building. 

Awards Recipients

2016 Officer of the Year

Officer Joe Holt was selected by his peers as 2016 Officer of the Year. Ofc. Holt is a team player and in the last year Holt went above and beyond his duties as a patrol officer in his efforts to effectively police problematic residences known for illegal narcotics active and various other crimes. He completed detailed investigations on the residences, working with the surrounding neighbors upset about the reoccurring criminal acts. He gave away several of his scheduled days off work to complete his investigations, to better serve the community.  Ofc. Holt was so enthusiastic about investigating these problematic residences, he went above and beyond, learning how to apply for, obtain and serve search warrants on them, a skill typically learned in the Investigations Unit, a unit Holt had not yet been in. Ofc. Holt has also invested his time and personal money to assist at-risk youth.

Prior Officer of the Year Recipients

Nathan Brand

Jimmy Wolsey

Shawn Didde

Uriel Ojeda

Chris Shrout

Jeremy Riddle

Jared Rogers

Randy Hudspeth

2016 Civilian of the Year

Detention Technician Sara Egan was selected by her peers as 2016 Civilian of the Year. Det. Tech. Egan has done an outstanding job her first year with the department. She is able to professionally assert herself and handle stressful situations within the detention unit. Det. Tech. Egan is eager to assist officers in any way that she can, and regularly goes above and beyond her duties to do so. On numerous occasions, Det. Tech. Egan has located Felony warrants that were overlooked during the arrest process, and assists Raytown Police Communications Techs, when they are busy, performing computer inquiries to help officers in the field.  She consistently shows her superior knowledge of the police systems and often finds suspects real names, warrants under aliases, and warrants which may have otherwise gone not found.  On one occasion, an arrest was made on a man that refused to identify himself. After being processed under one name, a clue that the man had lied to officers was overheard by Egan and used various social media sites to locate more information about the inmate. Det. Tech. Egan discovered that the suspect had indeed lied to officers about his name, with which was associated over $100,000 dollars in felony warrants. That suspect has gone on to be charged with felon in possession of a weapon, and stealing of a motor vehicle. 

Prior Civilian of the Year Recipients

Debbie Pisciotta

Kyle Stoker

Bronna Durgan

Cathy Mulhearn

Krystyna Fitzwater

Nicole Growney

Beth Bennett

Lora Shireman

2016 Reserve Officer of the Year

Reserve Officer Melvin Norrington was selected by his peers as 2016 Reserve Officer of the Year. Ofc. Norrington proves week after week his dedication to make sure that the official and off duty posts for the department are filled.  He takes time out of his weekends to work the streets during the busy months of the summer and he routinely fills in around the city at off duty posts.  Ofc. Norrington is a great officer, very nice, hardworking, always friendly, great attitude and gets along well with civilians and officers alike and always willing to asist when needed. 

Prior Reserve Officer of the Year Recipients

Melvin Norrington

Jeff Keith

Ralph Vogel

John Snyder

Neal Byers

Frank Welch

2016 Volunteer of the Year

Ms. Schutte was selected as the 2016 Volunteer of the year because she has spent countless hours lending assistance to the effort to make the Volunteer Corps for the Raytown Police Department a successful venture. Ms. Schutte was among the first participants in the Citizen’s Police Academy and she went out of her way to assist with the project even as a participant. Since then, and even before we tried to formally assemble a group of “official” volunteers, she was helping the CSU Director with administrative tasks, equipment inventory and maintenance and any other thing that would help assure the effort would succeed. The number of hours Ms. Schutte donated to the support of the Volunteer Corps and the Civilian Police Academy was invaluable and helps ensure that this service to the community can become a sustained and productive reality. As the Volunteer Corps seeks to assume the planning and administration of the Citizens Police Academy, the annual Safety Fair, the Drug Take-Back Program and other Community Service programs, Kathie Schutte’s steadfast support, sacrifice and personal attention have been a hallmark.

Prior Volunteer of the Year Recipients

Todd Hembree

2016 Lifesaving Award
Ofc. Sarah Lewey (left)

On July 19th, 2016, Officer Sarah Lewey and other officers received a call to a business in regard to a gunshot wound to the leg. Upon arrival, the officers found the victim in the conference room where he had accidentally shot himself in the leg while showing his handgun to another individual. The victim apparently hit his femoral artery due to the amount of blood still coming from the wound, where they had tried to use a belt for a tourniquet. The wound was still bleeding a large amount of blood and Officer Lewey grabbed her tourniquet and took the belt off and put her tourniquet on stopping the bleeding until EMS arrived and transported the victim to the Hospital. Due to Ofc. Lewey applying her tourniquet and stopping the bleeding, she saved the victim’s life.

Ofc. Erica Weiglhofer (right)

On July 5th, 2016, Officer Erica Weiglhofer was dispatched to a residence in regarding to a request for help from EMS. Upon arrival, Ofc. Weiglhofer found a young woman lying in the yard, not breathing and without a pulse. Ofc. Weiglhofer immediately began CPR and was able to locate a faint pulse after several minutes. Once paramedics arrived, the young woman was transported to the hospital, where she was placed in ICU for several days. Since then, she has made a full recovery, though doctors were unable to determine why she went into cardiac arrest. Due to Ofc. Weiglhofer applying CPR to restart her heart, she saved the victim's life. 

Prior Lifesaving Award Recipients

Frank McDevitt

Tom Greer

Shawn Didde

Daniel Spyers

Jerrol Anderson

Jeremy Riddle

Jared Rogers

Evan Hartenstein

Brett Clear

Gil Anderson

Mike McDonough

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