City of Raytown Emergency Snow Ordinance

Whenever the Mayor of the City of Raytown declares that the Emergency Snow Ordinance is in effect:


  1. Drivers are required to have snow tires or chains on their vehicles.  Drivers who do not have snow tires or tire chains and become stalled on the streets may possibly be ticketed and vehicles towed.

  2. Drivers must remove all vehicles parked on the following designated emergency snow routes no later than two hours after the emergency snow ordinance was enacted:


  • Blue Ridge Cutoff

  • Blue Ridge Boulevard

  • Raytown Road

  • Raytown Trafficway

  • Sterling, from Blue Ridge Boulevard to north city limit

  • Woodson Road, from Blue Ridge Boulevard to 75th Street

  • Westridge

  • 53rd Street, from Woodson Road to Raytown Road

  • 55th Street, from west city limit to Raytown Road

  • 56th Street, from Raytown Road to Blue Ridge Boulevard

  • 59th Street

  • 63rd Street

  • 67th Street

  • 67th Terrace, from Lane to Raytown Road

  • Gregory Boulevard

  • 75th Street, from Elm to Westridge

  • 79th Street, from Raytown Road to west city limit

  • 83rd Street

  • 87th Street, from Raytown Road to west city limit

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