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Burglars Share Crime Prevention Tips

You’ve heard it from the police before. Lock your doors. Leave lights on at your home. But most people never get a chance to sit down with the very people that commit those crimes, to hear, first hand, what they look for when considering how they select a home to target.

The Columbus, Ohio Police recently produced two videos of three convicted burglars that were interviewed about the process of selecting a home to break into. The three men are very candid in explaining how they select a home, or avoid another, to break into. They also discussed:

How is a target developed?

What deters a burglar from selecting a target?

When did you most often break into a house?

Why did you steal?

The total runtime of the videos is about 25 minutes, but are well worth the watch and are interesting and enlightening. You may realize that you are already following some of the tips, or may need to take additional steps to make your home less likely to be the next target. Please share with your friends and family; it may just save them from being victimized.

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