The Criminal Investigations Unit is made up of several Detectives and Sergeants. These Detectives are responsible for investigating “property” and “persons” crimes. Most Detectives are general assignment Detectives, investigations a wide variety of cases.  One Detective is the assigned to Domestic Violence cases and the other is the Juvenile Detective. General Assignment Detectives are responsible for the investigation of a wide variety of crime ranging from larceny to homicide.  The Domestic Violence Detective is responsible for investigating crimes against family members and acting as a liaison with domestic violence support groups. The Juvenile Detective is responsible for investigating all crimes involving juveniles, working with the Raytown School District, and conducting the Raytown Youth Court.


Detectives are responsible for investigating a case and following through to conviction, if possible. They are responsible for Crime Scene Investigations, collecting and processing evidence, and conducting Interviews and Interrogations.  Raytown Detectives complete the same crime scene training that Kansas City Police Crime Scene Technicians do.



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