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Raytown Police Captains Graduate School of Police Staff and Command from Northwestern University – a

On April 3rd, 2015, two members of the Raytown Police Department graduated from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s School of Police Staff and Command. The intensive ten week program traveled to Lee’s Summit for the second time where it was hosted by the Lee’s Summit Police Department. Capt. Paul Beitling and Capt. Randy Hudspeth were among the graduates honored last Friday in Independence. They have been assigned to the school since January.

The School of Police Staff and Command was established in 1983 and has become one of the top command officer training programs in the United States. Instructors from Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety presented lectures, lessons and assignments designed to prepare command officers to handle complex issues of police command and management in today’s environment.

A total of twenty five command rank officers from fifteen agencies graduated the program with Captains Beitling and Hudspeth. At the end of the program, the University awarded its’ Franklin M. Kreml Leadership award to an obviously surprised Capt. Randy Hudspeth. The award is made by the University to recognize the outstanding leadership demonstrated by one member of the class based upon the confidential votes cast by every attendee. Command officers attending the program from five states named Capt. Hudspeth as the class member that showed the most exemplary qualities of a mentor and leader among his peers. Awardees are memorialized permanently at the University’s Center for Public Safety in Evanston, IL with the words:

This award was established in perpetuity by the Institute’s founder. Its purpose is to recognize and thus encourage the high ethical and professional values and dedication to public service upon which The Traffic Institute was founded.

These here honored have demonstrated such integrity and dedication as gives promise of their success in trusted positions of senor leadership in law enforcement in the high tradition of justice administered by and for a free people.

Capt. Hudspeth joined the Raytown Police Department as an Officer in 1998 after serving as an Officer in Sugar Creek. He was promoted to command rank in 2007 and is currently commanding the Criminal Investigations Division. Capt. Beitling joined the Department in 1995 as a jailer and was sworn as a police Officer in 1998. He was promoted to command rank in 2008 and currently commands the Patrol Division.

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